In addition to the wine business at Moorlynch Vineyard there are a number of other businesses, some of these are studios and craft workshops, and can be visited. Note however that they do not generally keep regular opening hours and visitors are advised to telephone before making the journey to Moorlynch.



Clio Graham - Slipware Pottery

Tel: 01458 210977


I design and make my own hand-thrown range of domestic earthenware at my vineyard workshop. I enjoy the warm, earthy qualities of slipware; using white slip as a basis for decoration over red earthenware, and to then apply coloured slips encourages a direct approach, and there is a wide range of techniques to achieve rich and colourful qualities.


Words and verse have long been used on slipware, on harvest jugs, cider mugs, and often on commemorative wares to record marriages, births and anniversaries. I wanted to continue this tradition, but with a contemporary feel. I can undertake commissions for special occasions, or create a personal piece of pottery; perhaps with a jug or bowl with a favourite poem.




The Jewellers

Anne, Helen, and Sally

Tel: 01458 851084


We are three established jewellers working creatively in a diversity of styles, producing individually designed and handcrafted jewellery ranging from earrings to tiaras. We work mainly in sterling silver combined with precious and semi-precious stones and beads in both contemporary and classic styles. Each piece of jewellery is made in the Moorlynch workshop where visitors have the opportunity to view and purchase these high-quality designs.






Sue Hemmings - Equine Art

Tel: 01278 722969

An equine portrait is a great gift or memento for those horse-lovers amongst you, but I also produce general ILLUSTRATIONS for individuals and businesses. Try me for your personalised letter heads, advertisements or brochures.




Joan Roberts - Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Tel: 01278 722162


I originally trained as a Royal Navy photographer, but recently I have concentrated on portraiture and weddings. I have won many Awards, and samples of my work over a 30 year career are on display at my studio at the vineyard – they include landscapes, floral and animal subjects and portraits. I use the latest digital technology to enable me to provide quick views for my clients, and present the final work in a wide range of formats and styles. Why not ring me up and book a sitting - a portrait makes a wonderful gift!